Google Stadia Thoughts

Recently Google was offering a free Stadia Premier Edition for new subscribers, which was definitely enough for me to make a decision to try out the streaming platform.

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Here are my thoughts; for clarification, I am not a hardcore gamer, but I enjoy playing games a few times per week. I played a LOT more before my 9yo son found out about Fortnite, we only had the PS4, and I began to pray that it would overheat and die because our living room had become 24/7 Fortnite (yeesh).

With the holiday season fast approaching, I wanted more options. With everybody raving about the next-gen consoles coming out and how difficult they were to find, I craved more options. So I anxiously awaited my new toy to arrive by post. When it showed up, I promptly gave it a try on my Macbook Pro. Results were okay, but as I expected, there was a little bit of lag here and there, along with some stuttering. I found it acceptable though, as I played the included version of Destiny 2, which felt like a lot to ask for such a platform.

Here's the deal, I didn't really consider that I was running an MSSQL Docker Image, a couple of dotnet APIs, a handful of React apps, VS Code, Slack ... you get the idea. I must have been pushing the machine a bit too hard, which could have been a good reason for the lack of performance. I sort of cast it aside for a few weeks while prepping for the Holiday; I was getting myself and my kids each a Nintendo Switch to increase the gaming options! After all of that hoopla, I kept up with Stadia news and found that iOS was now supported on the new iOS Beta (which I had been running on my iPad Pro), so I figured, let's give it a go!

I opened Stadia on the iPad and connected the controller and began playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and was absolutely amazed at the quality given I was in my network's arguably weakest point in the house! Now, I'd recommend a larger screen but I was not complaning one bit with the quality. I also ran Cyberpunk 2077 without any of the issues and headaches reported from the console users just weeks before. Now, there seems to be a deal being worked out between Apple and Google that should bring Stadia to the AppleTV, which for me is ideal as we're an Apple house, the Chromecast Ultra is a nice device but we just don't utilize it because there isn't a hardware remote control.

I realize that hardcore gamers will want their raytracing and all of that techie goodness, but if you're just looking for a nicely portable gaming experience that you can play on most anything you may want to give Stadia a look!

Link to Stadia Premier Edition.